#MONDAYMOTIVATION – How I’ve stayed focused & motivated to lose weight…

If only losing weight was as easy as gaining weight! Something so many of us say and I agree, losing weight in a healthy sustainable way does require change and dedication, hence why so many of us give up easy. This blog post is to highlight how I’ve stayed motivated this time round because believe me this isn’t the first time I’ve tried…


I know and understand first hand how hard it can be to stay motivated when trying to lose weight. I have tried every diet under the sun, joined slimming clubs and have tried so many different ways to exercise. Majority of these methods didn’t work, I gave up and often felt sorry for myself and started creating pathetic excuses.

So why was this time round different? 

  1. I didn’t focus on weight loss for my appearance so much, this time round was about my health. I had a full body check up because of an on going stomach infection which led to me discovering increased levels of fat in my liver. I was 24! I never would have thought this would happen to me, just because you can’t see what is happening on the inside, don’t pretend it’s not there. I started to focus on the foods my body NEEDED like vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and anti oxidants to name a few, these substances are what keeps us healthy, energised and looking younger for longer! If your appearance doesn’t motivate you then I really hope your health does.
  2. I told EVERYONE I was doing it, including my instagram followers. I’ve tried losing weight on the quiet and it doesn’t work, you need that added pressure or support from others. Sounds harsh but when you know people are watching you, you are less likely to grab the biscuits or go for second helpings. When I told everyone, I knew that this time it had to be done, especially with Bradley helping me.
  3. Comparison Pictures have been key! If you follow my instagram page you’ll see one a week at least. For me they have been the easiest and quickest way to measure my progress but at the same time the most effective way. Seeing myself in underwear in a photo graph brought to light how much weight I had gained, it wasn’t healthy but now I look at a picture of myself in underwear and I don’t cringe. The pictures have generated a huge sense of achievement and motivation for me.
  4. I’ve prioritised my true happiness over my false sense of happiness. When I was a size 16 I made out I didn’t care and wore baggy clothes and leggings in a size 14 just to convince myself that I hadn’t gone up another dress size. Then one day, after the health scare, I stared into my wardrobe at all my old gorgeous summer clothes that didn’t fit me and I decided to be honest with myself. I wasn’t happy, I was better than that, I deserved to feel truly confident in my appearance. It was time to stop relying on make up and bouncy blow drys for confidence.
  5. Always have a goal. Bradley taught me this one, if you write down or think of realistic but challenging goals every step of the way, ticking them off every time it is reached, you have something to focus on and to keep you going. Even if that goal is to maintain the size you are then make sure you remind yourself of that goal daily. I initially said I would be happy with losing a few pounds….3 stone later and I’m still looking to lose a little more and get my dream bum!!

So from the above points you can see that I thought about this weight loss journey a lot more than just jumping on the weight watcher band wagon (which didn’t work for me by the way). I wanted to lose weight and never put it back on like I had before, I wanted to enjoy normal food and not feel like I was on a diet, I wanted to exercise in a fun way. If I could lose weight whilst doing all of that then I had no more excuses left and I had to get it done.

Myself and Bradley sat down and came up with a plan, exercise was varied every day with the opportunity to do classes if I was lacking motivation to work out alone. The food element was everything I already love but with some healthy twists and swaps and cheat days/weeks turned into a cheat meal once a week, if I really felt the need to have it.

I’ve realised it is all about mindset, it is about changing how you think. We don’t need junk food or chocolate for comfort, it’s just a chemical reaction in the body making us think that. We may struggle with exercise initially but afterwards you feel amazing, so when you think twice about the gym, remember how it makes you feel at the end of it. An hour is no time at all.

Change how you think and you’ll change how you look and feel.

I hope this has helped, I could go on forever but just thought I would highlight the main points for now!

Connie x


What my mumma taught me…

This blog post is not only a little thank you to my beautiful mum Veronica, but also a little bit of advice to mums out there with daughters.  I know I don’t have children, so this blog is coming from a child to parent perspective. If you are a mum you may find it useful if you have daughters at home.

Being a parent must be the toughest job, another human being is your responsibility for 18 years or more. I think my mum has done an amazing job and so I wanted to share with you what I remember learning from my mum growing up and how it has helped shaped me and my career so far.

Our relationship…

My mum is very special, I know myself and my brothers are her world and despite us all being adults she supports us in any way she can. I know everyone says this about their mum, but I honestly have a lot to thank this woman for.

My mum always wanted 4 children, she also wanted a mansion and 4 holidays a year but you can’t have it all haha! So despite any financial difficulties growing up, her and my dad made having 4 children work; they even rented out rooms in the house when times were really tough.

I’m the 3rd of 4 children and the only girl, so my mum and I have always been close. We have a very strong and healthy relationship; I’d say a cross between friends, sisters and mother daughter. For me this balance has been essential growing up as I’ve always felt a little gap without having a sister.
Nevertheless, I would say that her role as my mum outweighs them all and for me this is so important too, I believe this is the difference between looking up to your mum and respecting her rather than just seeing her as a friend who is there for a laugh.

A lot of my morals and ambitions come from my mum, and her go get attitude towards life has really rubbed off on me. Below are the 5 main lessons my mum has taught me growing up that I will never forget….


I know my mum was dying for a girl so having 3 brothers could have meant me being spoilt and treated like a princess, forced to play with girly things and practice ballet despite not being gracious at all.
Not in our house! We were treated equally from day one, I played football, wrestled with my brothers and was never allowed to act like a drama queen. Instead I was tough, fearless and independent, if anything my brothers were scared of me!

I think this happened mainly because mum didn’t have the time to treat me any different, we just got on with entertaining ourselves and I was simply outnumbered by boys. If you can’t beat them, join them.
None the less, as a result I’ve never felt inferior to a boy or man, I’ve always felt strong and able and can honestly say I won’t rely on a man for anything. My independence comes from me and me only; all I’ll need from my partner is love and laughter.

I believe that a lot of this stems from the fact that my gender was never made a point of, I was never told that blue was for boys and girls can’t do things. My parents believed I was capable of anything and being nurtured the same way as my brother’s has been a huge part of me believing that.


I think ‘classy’ is my mum’s favourite word and a word myself and my friends heard come from her mouth many a time during girly chats.
My mum has always been classy; she holds herself respectfully, dresses well and has never been absorbed by male attention. For me growing up this is what I believed she meant by staying classy and because I admired this about my mum I wanted to hold myself in this way too. This highlights to me how much a daughter looks up to her mum and the effect a mother’s persona can have on their child.

I was told to always play hard to get when it came to men, never sleep around and always maintain a good reputation because your reputation never leaves you. A strong message but one I definitely agree with. Some mum’s may feel uncomfortable speaking about these things with their daughters, however I’m so glad my mum felt more than comfortable speaking about it to me. Who else was I to learn from? The older girls at school? The movies I watch? The boy I thought I was in love with?

My mum felt she had a responsibility in telling me how to carry myself as I reached high school, she highlighted the importance of respecting myself and my body and that having the right boyfriend was a luxury and not a necessity.


My mum strongly believes in the value of property as this is how her parents thrived after migrating from Ireland. Therefore, as soon as I was earning I had to save, the deal was, as long as I’m saving and can prove it, I don’t have to pay full rent. I had a year of fun once leaving university, spending all the money I was making in sales and then mum got tough.

I began saving aged 22 and it’s the best thing I did, I aim to put my savings towards my first property and I can’t wait, because for me this is a huge achievement and great investment long term. Buying a property isn’t at the top of everyone’s list but I think saving should be. You certainly rely less on your parents anyway!

Money doesn’t always bring happiness but it certainly brings a sense of security. I’m so glad that my mum regularly encouraged me to save, she had the right idea and now I’m able to enjoy things without financial worry and prepare for my future.

If buying a property is not on the top of your list or your children’s list, or it seems so out of reach, save anyway, when the money starts piling up you can start dreaming and planning ahead.


Presenting myself well, looking the part and making an effort with my appearance was another significant lesson. I myself like to have nice hair, fresh clothes and make up on, something I assumed was important to everyone. Maybe that’s us being vane? Materialistic? But I don’t think so.

Mum always said that first impressions always stick in people’s mind and you never know who you might bump into that day. So whether that means going to the shops or having a night out, her pink lipstick is always on. I’m never really worried about bumping into people when in my gym clothes, no makeup and hair in a messy bun, however when going to meetings, interviews, lunch, dinner or work I always make sure I am presentable. I always have a niggle in the back of my mind that I could meet a future boss or someone holding an opportunity for me and I want to feel prepared for any given moment, starting with my appearance.

When I have make up on and my hair done, I hold my head up high and exude confidence and this is how I want people to remember me. So as much as make up and bouncy blow dries aren’t for everyone, carrying yourself confidently, in an approachable and friendly manner should be. You never have a second chance to make a first impression.


This is the biggest lesson; life is too short to hold grudges. We’ve been brought up to believe that there is always a reason behind why someone may act a certain way towards you and so rather than holding on to hatred and becoming an unforgiving person, understand that everybody is different, everybody has different morals, their own issues and their own way of dealing with things.

How I act is only my responsibility and therefore I cannot be responsible for how someone has treated me, I can only be responsible for how I choose to deal with it and handle it.

How I see it is, I have my whole life ahead of me, exciting times and a life I want to fill with as much positivity and happiness as I can, if I hold grudges against every person who has done wrong to me, it will chip away at any happiness and I’ll end up wasting my energy on remembering all the negative things. A grudge is like poison, but you only poison yourself because only you are holding that grudge.

Now, this doesn’t make me perfect, I’m sure I’ve upset people and I can only hope that they never hold grudges against me. However, my mum installing this attitude into me has made my life a lot calmer, happier and less dramatic. I forgive people and I move on, focusing on my own life.

Just because you have forgiven someone, doesn’t mean they have to be your best friend again, it just means you can finally be at peace with yourself.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post this month, slightly different to the usual make up and beauty, but instead a little thanks to my mum.
Despite agreeing and absorbing a lot from my mum growing up, I am still my own person. I have grown up in a different generation and I very much have my own voice, nevertheless thinking about Mother’s Day and what I can thank my mum for, made me realise how much she has nurtured and shaped me, in ways that I am ever grateful.

Connie x

ALL WOMEN ARE WORTHY #beboldforchange

I write this blog as I soak in a hot lavender bubble bath, my favourite place and time to reflect. For me International Women’s Day is a day of celebration, recognition and appreciation for women all over the world. It is a day that should be recognised by both men and women; although I’m sure some men will probably roll their eyes and mutter “bra burners”  under their breath, even still in 2017.
All I have to say to that is: we probably wouldn’t have a day like today if ALL men around the world started seeing women as equal to them, go roll your eyes at the men who still suppress women, doubt women and be little women. 
For me having a voice and sharing my thoughts and opinions is a huge responsibility but one in which I love. I don’t ever want to give the wrong advice or a bad impression and aim to be a positive role model to all women, young & old.
 I’ve worked hard to build up my client base whilst working 2 other jobs, as well as pushing my Instagram profile, ensuring I stay true to my word with my reviews and blogs. I’m so proud of what I’ve achieved in a year and I’m not afraid to say it….
However, despite all of this girl power, independent woman talk coming from me. I’ve realised that actually in hindsight, what I don’t think about enough is how lucky I am to have the freedom to do all of it. How lucky I am to actually be able to choose what I want to become or who I want to be and instead take something like this for granted when it is such a luxury for so many women and girls around the world.
I need to start thinking more about the women around the world who aren’t even allowed to pick up a pen and write, speak their opinion or marry the man they truly love! We all need to start thinking about these women more.
International women’s day has for once made me stop and really appreciate the freedom that I have as a woman in the UK, living with a very modern family and a very understanding boyfriend.
Now realistically, we can’t all give up everything we have here and fly over to the countries most effected to offer our support. I understand that and one day I do hope to do this because it is such an important cause. However what we CAN DO is: 
  • Stop taking education for granted, we are so lucky to have the schools we have in the UK & Ireland, with the freedom to learn and achieve qualifications for what ever subjects we like. 
  • Dream big and work hard because there are millions of women who are not allowed to work.
  • Don’t settle for an unhealthy relationship, you have the choice to marry someone who loves you, many women don’t. 
  • Use your voice for the good, inspire people, motivate them and only speak positively of others because there are women out there who have to sit in silence.

I’m no Mother Theresa, there is a lot more I can do to support women suffering in silence and I’ll get there by starting with this blog and working hard everyday to inspire, achieve and promote self worth amongst women.
I do hope that my words will also inspire you to think twice before you moan about working or having to go to extra revision class. I hope it wakes you up from your comfortable life for just a moment because it has certainly woken me up from my relaxing bubble bath! I want ALL women to feel worthy to do what I am able to do and so should you.

To me ALL women are strong but together we are so much STRONGER. Share some awareness today for International Women’s Day #beboldforchange and tag all the women you love most! Oh and tag all the men who need a gentle reminder of who is boss!
With Love,

Beauty Inside & Out

My new outlook, my new motto and my new hash tag.

Cbeauty was all about makeup, my favourite beauty products and how I use them to create natural glamorous make up looks. That was until I began my weight loss journey.
I get endless messages and comments from my lovely followers asking me what make up will give them flawless skin, what make up gives you a glow, how can I cover my bags and what can I do to stop my skin from being oily, the list goes on. I love the questions and I love to help but I’ve taken a new approach to my answers.


Since my weight loss journey it really hit home that make up and cosmetics are amazing at enhancing the beauty we all already have and amazing at giving us that boost of confidence we all sometimes need. However, it’s a quick fix, it’s not permanent and it isn’t actually resolving the insecurities we may have about ourselves. Since embarking on this journey for a healthier, fitter and unashamedly slimmer version of myself, I have realised that small changes and a little more love for what is happening on the inside is not only the best solution for the physical insecurities we may have, but actually you are nourishing and aiding everything on the inside at the same time. For me this has been the key to finding a happier me, a healthier me and actually better skin, less cellulite and even thicker hair.

H. Pylori – Food Poisoning for a year!

Hormones in women control nearly everything (I’m not a doctor, scientist, professor or nutritionist) but I’ve researched and attended lectures and what we eat, drink and actively do effects our hormones immensely. After having H. Pylori, a bacterial infection in the gut caused by contaminated food or water, for a year, not only was my tummy completely messed up but the bad bacteria’s caused hormonal imbalances and I was getting so many side effects. I felt so run down, I had no energy, I couldn’t lose weight and I was constantly bloated. After going through private health care and eventually discovering the infection, they also informed me that I had slightly high levels of fat in my liver.

Now this was THE wake up call that made me want to punch myself and change.  I love life, I literally want to live forever, I want to be a healthy fit mum if I am lucky enough to have children and I want to look and feel as good as my grandparents, who at nearly 80 still going dancing every weekend. I needed to change, I needed to lose weight and I needed to become more active.

(Below are pictures of how my skin suffered during the period in which I had the bacteria infection. For me this was evidence that what was happening in my tummy was effecting my exterior).

Working for Bradley- the best decision I made

The opportunity to support Bradley came at the perfect time just before Christmas. The H. Pylori went and I was feeling myself again and now I had the opportunity to support my brother on his amazing journey whilst Cbeauty’s following also started to grow. Bradley and I also agreed that it was time for me to put my health and my body confidence first, so working out and eating well would become a part of my daily routine, it would also be a great opportunity for Bradley to showcase more of his skills as a personal trainer. I am super lucky, but I also regret not making it a priority sooner. You can’t rely on someone else to make this happen for you, it still is completely down to me and I really want it.

As much as I know that living with a personal trainer and having the flexibility to work out when it suits me has been a massive advantage on my journey so far. I also understand what it is to work in an office, sitting on my bum all day snacking endlessly, I know what it is to work 6-7 days a week feeling exhausted and too lacking in energy for anything else but the sofa.

So I’m not ignorant to normal jobs or busy lifestyles, I’ve been there and I had the excuses and my health suffered. I like to think that now looking back I know what I would do to change the bad habits I had when I let myself go, because it is possible.


My Message to you

Through Cbeauty I want to continue to showcase my make up tricks and tips and the latest products and my favourite skin care routines but I also want to highlight how important good food, exercise and finding time for yourself is. In fact the latter factors are so important that actually it is those three things that I think give us the best make up of all. Things like essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, hydration and endorphin’s are some of the many things we gain from good food and exercise, resulting in the most amazing glow of all. Don’t get me wrong, our DNA and genes may mean we inherit a bent nose or big ears (I’ve had mine pinned back) and wholesome food and exercise does not solve everything but I’ve learnt that it’s a great place to start.

So let’s all wear beautiful make up and sway our bouncy blow dry’s, but let’s also make sure we do it knowing that our true foundation (our body) is just as beautiful inside as it is outside.

With Love Always

Connie x

URBAN MASSAGE – There’s nothing like it

 Watch my URBAN MASSAGE experience below, I absolutely loved how convenient, professional and relaxing it was considering I wasn’t in a spa.

Enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home using the URBAN MASSAGE app.
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A winter tan never looked and SMELT so good…

As our summer tans sadly fade it is time to hit the bottle (tanning bottle I mean) so ladies I must introduce you to my favourite tanning brand ever – SUNTANA.

For someone that has worn fake tan since the age of 6 (due to Irish dancing), I have literally tried them all. Believe me when I say, I have been through the “as orange as possible stage” to the “OMG it’s raining, I’m all polka dots” panic stage. I have now found the happy natural healthy glow stage and I must admit SUNTANA has really helped along the way.


For me Suntana is currently the underdog of the sunless tanning world. The quality is amazing, the range is brilliant and the service I get as a business keeps me coming back.


I love that I’m using something different on my clients to other mobile tanners, I feel like I have a little secret weapon. That secret weapon comes in the form of a gorgeous coconut, cherry, chocolate or blackberry scented spray tan liquid. All of these scents represent a different shade so clients can also keep to their preferential tanning colour, although I always recommend a natural sun kissed glow.
To enquire about my spray tanning services send me an email via my CONTACT page.


If you keep your spray tans for special occasions but love to top it up, suntana-5my favourite SUNTANA product has to be the tanning mousse. I use coconut (light) all over my body and face and then cherry (medium) on my legs, as they never seem to go as dark, this is due to the pigmentation in my skin.

To apply my tan I use the VELVOTAN double sided mitt for extra support and for longer use. I have the VELVOTAN back applicator because my mum and boyfriend can not apply tan to save their life and a mini mitt for my face to ensure I get in all the corners and edges. I think a good mitt and applicator is key to even application, oh and don’t forget to shave and exfoliate the day before!



 Essentially, if you want a beautifully scented tan that doesn’t cost the world but still offers the same gorgeous colour as some of the luxury brands then check out SUNTANA. I won’t ever use another tan on myself or my clients – they absolutely love it too. Oh not forgetting the fact that my car smells like coconuts and cherries, BONUS!

With Love Connie x


To read more about Suntana click here.
Suntana Instagram: @suntana_tanning

Suntana is also available for purchase on Amazon.


So lovely ladies, I know cleaning make up brushes seems like such a chore, but it is so important that we do it regularly.

We wouldn’t leave our kitchen tea towel for a month or dry ourselves with a towel that hasn’t seen the washing machine in weeks. So why everyday do we pick up that stained foundation brush that hardly glides across the face and apply our foundation with it? Did you know it has mounds of bacteria on it?


In this post I am going to give you a few more facts about bacteria in brushes just in case the above didn’t worry you enough. I will also show you how I clean my brushes, it doesn’t have to be difficult or long winded and your skin will love you for it.

So a recent study stated that cosmetic researchers took a make up brush that was covered in a months worth of makeup, put it under a microscope and the levels of bacteria were so high they couldn’t actually measure it. This to me was shocking! Below are some other points to consider if you still don’t have the urge to keep your brushes clean.

1. Your pores can get clogged up.

2. You could get a staph infection.

3. You could get pink eye.

4. Your skin can get irritated.

5. You risk getting more wrinkles.

6. You may attract bugs.

Read more here…

So after all that you may be thinking, what is the best way to clean my brushes? I have two ways, one more thorough than the other and one which is ideal for in between clients and make up looks.

I soak my brushes and blenders once a month in warm water with a dollop of baby shampoo. This is gentle enough that it doesn’t damage the brushes and the warm water will help fight any bacteria. If you have time to leave them soaking for an hour then do for best results.

brush-cleaner Then drain the water and rinse each brush under the tap. Never pull on the bristles as this can loosen them and that is when the brush starts falling apart.
If you feel that the make up hasn’t come off the brush completely it may mean that it’s been a while since you cleaned them. Therefore, they probably need a good intense soak or some extra shampoo. Otherwise you may need to look at buying a new one.

Once you have washed and rinsed your brushes leave them to dry over night. I lay down kitchen roll and spread them spaciously across it so the kitchen roll can absorb any remaining water. Please be aware that some brushes can be stained and may not get their initial colour back, but if they feel soft and you can’t see thick make up in between the bristles you have done a good job. See image below.


So in between clients I need something effective and reliable. I obviously have more than enough brushes but in worst case scenarios I use my amazing No7 brush cleaner. It is £8 and you can find it in boots. Squirt 3 times onto an absorbent kitchen roll and  glide your brushes along, you will instantly see the make up come off at ease. If you need a little more aggression then I use my Spectrum collection scrubber.

The great thing about this brush cleaner is that your brushes dry pretty instantly. If you can’t find it then go for Superdrug’s own brush cleaner spray.

What I don’t want this post to do is to put you off using make up brushes for application, I promise you it’s the best way for the smoothest application. Instead just use a lazy Sunday afternoon to get all your brushes clean and dried ready for Monday. Love your brushes and they will love your skin right back.

With Love Connie x


Staying GLAM whilst on the go…

We’re all so busy these days, but being busy should not mean you should feel ugly, look drained (even if you are) or try and rock that dragged through a bush backwards look.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not realistic to wear make up everyday and have perfect hair, however there are some products that can help make it a little easier or can make that slight difference so you’re not completely unrecognisable. Here are my 10 favourite GIRL ON THE GO beauty products…

      Their mission says it all, “We believe a natural look is a perfect fit for any face. We’re all born with our own unique look, so why cover it up with tons of makeup? A touch of color here and there is enough to bring out our finenudestix-1st features, so out with the crazy big collection and in with our makeup stix for face, eyes and lips.” There clever make up stix allow you to apply a natural yet still very pretty amount of make up on the face whilst on the go or in a hurry. They come in really handy tin boxes which can fit at least 4 stix in. I ensure I have a concealer, lip and cheek pencil, highlighter and matte eye pencil with me at all times.  Read more on their website – www.nudestix.com
      I am loving these at the moment, I’ve been going to  lot more events recently and with a full time job as well as Cbeauty it’s been very hectic. I obviously have to look like I know something about make up when I turn up, but I haven’t had hours to create the perfect smokey eye. Instead I have been reaching for these pots of creamy bliss. I use my figure and blend it across the whole eye lid. My favourite shades are copper and bronze because they match all outfits and don’t need much work. I’ll add some eyeliner and lashes for the full effect.
      OK, so I know I have mentioned this one before. However this is definitely my morning saviour. I hate the feeling of dry skin and really you shouldn’t let your skin get dry, especially now temperatures are dropping. This convenient can of moisture heaven is a must have for me, even with the £4 price tag (I know, its a bit pricey). I just at wasting time rubbing cream into my skin so spraying it on is so ideal. I buy this for all my mummy friends because I can imagine it’s so easy to forget your own skin when you have so much to worry about already.
    4. NARS PURE RADIANT TINTED MOISTURISER – £29nars-tinted-moisturiser
      Not everyone wears foundation and to be honest rushing foundation application and not blending it properly looks so much worse than naked skin. I found this tinted moisturiser in the airport for holiday but now I absolutely love it for those “no make up, make up looks” or if your tanned or don’t need foundation. Some tinted moisturisers are greasy and I hate that, this I found the total opposite.
    5. BIG BEAUTIFUL EYES by Benefit Cosmetics
      I have so many eye palettes and single eye shadows but there is something about this that makes me reach for it when I haven’t got loads of time. The colours are gorgeous neutral tones and you can use the lighter colours in the day and then build it up at night. You get mini brushes and a concealer, not only that, you also get a mini manual to give you some easy steps to big beautiful eyes.
    6. MAYBELLINE DREAM LUMI CONCEALERI actually haven’t spoken about this product before but it is always in my hand bag because I feel, as long as your dark circles are covered up you can look fresh faced. I keep this handy concealer pen either in my car or in dream-lumimy bag in case I need a top up after such long working hours. It is a lot easier than applying concealer from a pot and this has a really good coverage and finish. I used to use touch eclat by YSL but this is just as good and I think lasts longer.
      Nothing makes us look healthier than a natural looking tan and that is why I really like this product. It isn’t an intense instant/wash off tan, its very natural and build-able. It smells gorgeous and comes with a buffer which is cleverly hidden in the lid. This buffer means no annoying mitt and a real, even zero tan lines finish.

hoola-zero-tanlines-hero8. NYX CREME MATTE GLOSS – £5.50 BARGAINAn absolute must have for everyone, these glosses are matte but the creaminess means no dry lips. The array of shades makes it so hard to choose what to go for but I love shade LONDON the most, this is a perfect nude lip for the day time and teams up nicely with a smokey eye at night. For £5.50 you can’t go wrong, the colour is so solid you don’t need a lip linyx-cream-matte-gloss-londonner either, ideal for a grab and go lip colour that requires no fuss and no heartbreak if you misplace it when out and about.

So, I choose this as Charlotte has packaged your bronzer and highlighter into one signature rose gold palette. This means you can top up and intensify your contour and highlight with just one product rather than a whole collection of things. It’s not a chunky palette so it would fit nicely into your bag or clutch and also has a mirror inside. The bronze is lovely and golden as well as the highlighter and you can get 2 different shades to match your skin tone. If you love to glow and your always on the go then I would definitely recommend this beauty.

10. BEAUTY BLENDER SPONGE – Real Techniques 
These egg shaped sponges are such a good idea. This is another thing  I always keep on me even if I have no make up to apply with it I use it to blend existing make up as I often get patchy. Keep one of these in your bag and you wont have to worry about patchy make up through out the day or reapplying make up, just dab dab dab, blend blend blend.

So that’s my top 10 GIRL ON THE GO STAY GLAM beauty products and tips. I hope it has been useful and if you already have some of these products then you may just use them more conveniently now then you did before!
I’d love to hear all about your favourite girl on the go products, comment below with anything your recommend I try.

With Love,

Connie x


I am so obsessed with that illuminating, dewy glow when it comes to make up. So much so, preparing for this post made me realise the lack of “mattifying” make up I have. For me matte make up, if not done properly can look really dry, caked or sometimes ghostly. I much prefer the healthiness of a dewy make over, although if not done properly you could look oily or shiny, so you must be careful when applying and ensure your make up is oil free.
I want to show you my favourite GO TO GLOW PRODUCTS that I use on myself and clients.

glow glow

It makes sense to start with primers. A primer is applied to the whole face before foundation, it helps make up to last longer and can set the tone from the get go. For example some primers’ purpose is to make the make up stay for 24 hours, some primers give the foundation a matte finish, some colour correct and some brighten. I have 3 gorgeous primers that give me that glow in pictures and real life…

  1. WONDER GLOW – Charlotte Tilbury £38.50 Not only does this primer brighten your skin it also hydrates and nourishes it, classing it as make up and skin care. I think it is so important to care about the ingredients in the products we use on our skin. I’ve run out of my wonder glow primer as it became an everyday essential – well over due a top up!
  2. GIRL MEETS PEARL – Benefit Cosmetics £24.50 This primer smells amazing and feels amazing and I think that is because of the raspberry and chamomile. Now, I’m not sure if it is actually a primer as such, it is more of an luminizer which means this beauty can go under foundation and shine through or it can go on top and act as a liquid highlighter. With this I would suggest an additional primer like 15 hour stay flawless.
  3. RADIANCE VEIL – Illamasqua £32.50 So this primer is my latest purchase. I was walking around Soho, London  came across the flag ship store and this pot of gold was staring me in the face. I really love it, it illuminates the skin on another level, it definitely needs a foundation on top to tone the radiance down a tad. It is quite similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow as it also has skin care tendencies, such as vitamin C for extra moisture as well as fine shimmer particles but it is definitely brighter. It has a lovely golden tone to it and you only need a tiny bit. Below (left) is me wearing the radiance veil and below right is all 3 primers/luminizers.

Once your primer is applied with foundation you want to ensure that the right points of your face have that added highlight. This not only gives you the ultimate glow but it adds structure and definition to your face, like contouring. Some people prefer to use strobbing as a way of defining the face which means no contouring and just highlight, I however like to softly contour and highlight the right spots. This would include, brown bone, cheek bone, bridge of my nose, under my eyes, inner corner of my eyes and cupids bow.

1. HIGHLIGHTING COMPACTS – Bobbi Brown £34 I think Bobbi’s compacts are my favourite because they not only add that glow but they add a pop of colour too. My favourite compacts are the shimmer brick in bronze and the new highlighting compact in Telluride which is a gorgeous and unusual mauve.

2. MINERALISE SKIN FINISH – MAC cosmetics £24 I didn’t even realise that MAC’s mineral highlighting powders were £10 cheaper than Bobbi Brown. I have the Gold deposit shade which is very bronzed border line copper and looks amazing on olive/tanned skin and the Cheeky Bronze shade which is more pink and looks gorgeous on most skin tones. I would like to pick up a couple more shades as the compacts last ages as you need very little product. Always tap your brush before applying one of these.
3. CONTOUR ROCKS – Contour Cosmetics £22 These cool little nuggets of bronze do give a gorgeous bronze/highlight in one swoop. £22 is such a reasonable prices because these contour rocks will last ages. If you want a bronzed finish to your make up look like I did for Love Island’s Olivia Buckland, then give these a whirl.


4. BEYOND POWDER OMG CHAMPAGNE SHIMMER – Illamasqua £32 I needed a powder highlighter that was almost neutral and didn’t have the same bronzed, copper, pinks and browns as my existing compacts. This powder gives me a everyday glow soft neutral white gold highlight, which is almost translucent but so radiant at the same time. I think it looks gorgeous during the day and can be easily intensified for the evening. The perfect shade for brow bones and bridge of your nose too, I mean you don’t want a copper bronzed brow arch! Image right show cases this champagne shimmer.


  1. STROBING STICK SHINE – Iconic London £29.99 This strobing stick is so highly pigmented it makes such an impact in photos. The shade ‘shine’ has a subtle pinky tone to it which looks gorgeous whebridal glown carefully applied on the cheek bones, above your bronzer. I used this on a beautiful bride because I knew it was give her that picture perfect highlight and definition in photos.
  2. WATTS UP – Benefit Cosmetics £24.50 This was my first cream highlighting stick and it’s still up there with the best. It has a champagne finish to it so again a great neutral product for all skin tones. Apply straight from stick to face or dab on with finger tips and sponge.
  3. STATEMENT SKIN – SO SUSAN £15 This strobing crayon came in my glossy box and I am so glad that it did. It has pearl tones to it which makes it super reflective and the chiselled end makes it easy to apply. The So Susan brand’s philosophy is to give you great make up without compromising on skin care, check them out.
  4. BORN TO GLOW – NYX cosmetics £7 Regardless of their amazing prices, NYX is one of my favourite make up brands. The quality is brilliant and the price is head turning. For £7 you can get a range of highly pigmented liquid highlighters like the one I have in gleam. I’ll be taking a trip to boots to pick up the other shades.
    creamy sticks and liquid

    I hope I haven’t given you too many options! With so many highlighters to choose from I was hoping this would break it down for you. If you have any questions about highlighters or getting that glow for your skin then just write below or email me via the contact page.

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Foundation for every Occassion 

Foundation, the name says it all really. Our foundation is our make up base and personally a make up look isn’t it’s best without the right foundation. I get asked daily about foundation advice, so I thought I’d write a post about my favourite foundations and why.

foundations 2

  1. Clinique Superbalanced foundation £23
    I do love this foundation, I’ve used it since I was at high school. It’s a brilliant quality foundation that’s semi-light weight with medium coverage. It’s oil free and fragrance free with anti-oxidants in the ingredients. I’d recommend it to anyone with oily/combination skin and that loves a dewy finish. It’s a great day foundation if your budget stretches that far. P.S just found out they’ve made superbalanced with SPF15 – so now it’s completely ideal for day time. 
    super balanced
  2. NAKED SKIN by Urban Decay £27
    This Weightless Ultra Definition foundation has been my absolute favourite recently and definitely worth the price. I love how light it is yet how well it covers my skin with a pump or so,  for me that is when you know your foundation is good. It feels very fresh on my skin and I don’t feel caked and greasy, for me foundation should feel effortless, you should still look like you. It’s an illuminating foundation with a semi-matte finish, I don’t like a complete matte finish as it makes my skin feel dry so this is the ideal foundation for people who want to look healthy and fresh faced but not too shiny.

  3. BORN THIS WAY by Too faced £32
    I’ve turned to this beauty for my evening make up due to its medium to full coverage finish. What is so nice about this foundation is how natural it looks even whilst being full coverage. Of course it is oil free, I suggest everyone goes oil free with their foundation but it is also infused with coconut water and alpine rose for added moisture and glow. This is the foundation I use on the gorgeous Casey Batchelor (see below), I’ve also got a great before and after of this foundation on my own blemished skin.
    highdefinitionfoundation_mainThis tube of heaven was such an amazing find. I’m so glad Boots introduced NYX into their stores. You get amazing quality make up at drug store prices and this foundation is proof of it. At just £12.50 I recommend everyone tries it, the high definition foundation gives perfect coverage and look amazing in photographs. It lasts all night with the right primer and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy and patchy. I used this gem on Olivia Buckland and it was featured in my recent claim to fame article in Reveal Magazine.

    See below the lovely Olivia Buckland with her Cbeauty make over using NYX HD foundation.

    So those 4 foundations are my go to foundations at the moment. I haven’t tried every foundation out there, I’d like to but can you imagine how long that would take. The foundations above all caught my eye due to their quality, finish and light weight texture. You will rarely see me using something thick and cakey, it’s just not my style!

    There are other foundations I’ve used such as the no7 Airbrush foundation which is great for older skin and some my mum has recommended, the Loreal Nutri lift Gold and Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24h foundation which my mum swears by. She says they last all day and hide all her wrinkles….here is my gorgeous mum below, she’s always made sure my make up was good for me.

    mumsyI hope this post has been helpful to you, if you have any questions or need some advice please feel free to message me through my contact page.
    Remember, foundation is so important for the over all make up look, invest and choose wisely, my previous post 10 top tips for make up shopping should help.

    Cbeauty x