Welcome to Cbeauty!

The perfect place for simple make up tips, all things natural glamour, fashion advice for the curvaceous and anything else to make you look and feel FABULOUS…

I like to think, I’m more than just a make up artist and I am grateful that I can use my skills in make up as a platform to promote self confidence, glamour and individuality amongst women (and some men)!

My name is Connie Simmonds. I’m a marketing manager from West London, Ealing and became a self taught make up artist at the age of 21!

As a student I began working for Benefit Cosmetics, who are still one of my absolute favourite brands. This experience sparked the realisation that whilst I pursue my career in marketing I can continue doing make up as a hobby for friends and family. To be honest, I loved doing make up for people but naively never saw it as a career.

It wasn’t until my best friend Chloe suggested I start promoting myself. I knew I had some natural ability with make up but not that much! Anyway, I bit the bullet and set up my¬†@cbeauty_ instagram page.

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That was 2 years ago and Cbeauty has now grown in so many aspects. I give women advice on a daily basis, I’ve got celebrity clients and I am fully booked most weekends! I still have my full time marketing role and really enjoy the adventures of Cbeauty in the evenings and weekends, let’s see where it takes me…

I now feel like I am ready to take it to the next level by sharing my thoughts and feelings associated with health and beauty, showcase my portfolio of work and give credible and honest reviews that my following will love and appreciate.

Enjoy Beauties,

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