#MONDAYMOTIVATION – How I’ve stayed focused & motivated to lose weight…

If only losing weight was as easy as gaining weight! Something so many of us say and I agree, losing weight in a healthy sustainable way does require change and dedication, hence why so many of us give up easy. This blog post is to highlight how I’ve stayed motivated this time round because believe me this isn’t the first time I’ve tried…


I know and understand first hand how hard it can be to stay motivated when trying to lose weight. I have tried every diet under the sun, joined slimming clubs and have tried so many different ways to exercise. Majority of these methods didn’t work, I gave up and often felt sorry for myself and started creating pathetic excuses.

So why was this time round different? 

  1. I didn’t focus on weight loss for my appearance so much, this time round was about my health. I had a full body check up because of an on going stomach infection which led to me discovering increased levels of fat in my liver. I was 24! I never would have thought this would happen to me, just because you can’t see what is happening on the inside, don’t pretend it’s not there. I started to focus on the foods my body NEEDED like vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and anti oxidants to name a few, these substances are what keeps us healthy, energised and looking younger for longer! If your appearance doesn’t motivate you then I really hope your health does.
  2. I told EVERYONE I was doing it, including my instagram followers. I’ve tried losing weight on the quiet and it doesn’t work, you need that added pressure or support from others. Sounds harsh but when you know people are watching you, you are less likely to grab the biscuits or go for second helpings. When I told everyone, I knew that this time it had to be done, especially with Bradley helping me.
  3. Comparison Pictures have been key! If you follow my instagram page you’ll see one a week at least. For me they have been the easiest and quickest way to measure my progress but at the same time the most effective way. Seeing myself in underwear in a photo graph brought to light how much weight I had gained, it wasn’t healthy but now I look at a picture of myself in underwear and I don’t cringe. The pictures have generated a huge sense of achievement and motivation for me.
  4. I’ve prioritised my true happiness over my false sense of happiness. When I was a size 16 I made out I didn’t care and wore baggy clothes and leggings in a size 14 just to convince myself that I hadn’t gone up another dress size. Then one day, after the health scare, I stared into my wardrobe at all my old gorgeous summer clothes that didn’t fit me and I decided to be honest with myself. I wasn’t happy, I was better than that, I deserved to feel truly confident in my appearance. It was time to stop relying on make up and bouncy blow drys for confidence.
  5. Always have a goal. Bradley taught me this one, if you write down or think of realistic but challenging goals every step of the way, ticking them off every time it is reached, you have something to focus on and to keep you going. Even if that goal is to maintain the size you are then make sure you remind yourself of that goal daily. I initially said I would be happy with losing a few pounds….3 stone later and I’m still looking to lose a little more and get my dream bum!!

So from the above points you can see that I thought about this weight loss journey a lot more than just jumping on the weight watcher band wagon (which didn’t work for me by the way). I wanted to lose weight and never put it back on like I had before, I wanted to enjoy normal food and not feel like I was on a diet, I wanted to exercise in a fun way. If I could lose weight whilst doing all of that then I had no more excuses left and I had to get it done.

Myself and Bradley sat down and came up with a plan, exercise was varied every day with the opportunity to do classes if I was lacking motivation to work out alone. The food element was everything I already love but with some healthy twists and swaps and cheat days/weeks turned into a cheat meal once a week, if I really felt the need to have it.

I’ve realised it is all about mindset, it is about changing how you think. We don’t need junk food or chocolate for comfort, it’s just a chemical reaction in the body making us think that. We may struggle with exercise initially but afterwards you feel amazing, so when you think twice about the gym, remember how it makes you feel at the end of it. An hour is no time at all.

Change how you think and you’ll change how you look and feel.

I hope this has helped, I could go on forever but just thought I would highlight the main points for now!

Connie x


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