Beauty Inside & Out

My new outlook, my new motto and my new hash tag.

Cbeauty was all about makeup, my favourite beauty products and how I use them to create natural glamorous make up looks. That was until I began my weight loss journey.
I get endless messages and comments from my lovely followers asking me what make up will give them flawless skin, what make up gives you a glow, how can I cover my bags and what can I do to stop my skin from being oily, the list goes on. I love the questions and I love to help but I’ve taken a new approach to my answers.


Since my weight loss journey it really hit home that make up and cosmetics are amazing at enhancing the beauty we all already have and amazing at giving us that boost of confidence we all sometimes need. However, it’s a quick fix, it’s not permanent and it isn’t actually resolving the insecurities we may have about ourselves. Since embarking on this journey for a healthier, fitter and unashamedly slimmer version of myself, I have realised that small changes and a little more love for what is happening on the inside is not only the best solution for the physical insecurities we may have, but actually you are nourishing and aiding everything on the inside at the same time. For me this has been the key to finding a happier me, a healthier me and actually better skin, less cellulite and even thicker hair.

H. Pylori – Food Poisoning for a year!

Hormones in women control nearly everything (I’m not a doctor, scientist, professor or nutritionist) but I’ve researched and attended lectures and what we eat, drink and actively do effects our hormones immensely. After having H. Pylori, a bacterial infection in the gut caused by contaminated food or water, for a year, not only was my tummy completely messed up but the bad bacteria’s caused hormonal imbalances and I was getting so many side effects. I felt so run down, I had no energy, I couldn’t lose weight and I was constantly bloated. After going through private health care and eventually discovering the infection, they also informed me that I had slightly high levels of fat in my liver.

Now this was THE wake up call that made me want to punch myself and change.  I love life, I literally want to live forever, I want to be a healthy fit mum if I am lucky enough to have children and I want to look and feel as good as my grandparents, who at nearly 80 still going dancing every weekend. I needed to change, I needed to lose weight and I needed to become more active.

(Below are pictures of how my skin suffered during the period in which I had the bacteria infection. For me this was evidence that what was happening in my tummy was effecting my exterior).

Working for Bradley- the best decision I made

The opportunity to support Bradley came at the perfect time just before Christmas. The H. Pylori went and I was feeling myself again and now I had the opportunity to support my brother on his amazing journey whilst Cbeauty’s following also started to grow. Bradley and I also agreed that it was time for me to put my health and my body confidence first, so working out and eating well would become a part of my daily routine, it would also be a great opportunity for Bradley to showcase more of his skills as a personal trainer. I am super lucky, but I also regret not making it a priority sooner. You can’t rely on someone else to make this happen for you, it still is completely down to me and I really want it.

As much as I know that living with a personal trainer and having the flexibility to work out when it suits me has been a massive advantage on my journey so far. I also understand what it is to work in an office, sitting on my bum all day snacking endlessly, I know what it is to work 6-7 days a week feeling exhausted and too lacking in energy for anything else but the sofa.

So I’m not ignorant to normal jobs or busy lifestyles, I’ve been there and I had the excuses and my health suffered. I like to think that now looking back I know what I would do to change the bad habits I had when I let myself go, because it is possible.


My Message to you

Through Cbeauty I want to continue to showcase my make up tricks and tips and the latest products and my favourite skin care routines but I also want to highlight how important good food, exercise and finding time for yourself is. In fact the latter factors are so important that actually it is those three things that I think give us the best make up of all. Things like essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, hydration and endorphin’s are some of the many things we gain from good food and exercise, resulting in the most amazing glow of all. Don’t get me wrong, our DNA and genes may mean we inherit a bent nose or big ears (I’ve had mine pinned back) and wholesome food and exercise does not solve everything but I’ve learnt that it’s a great place to start.

So let’s all wear beautiful make up and sway our bouncy blow dry’s, but let’s also make sure we do it knowing that our true foundation (our body) is just as beautiful inside as it is outside.

With Love Always

Connie x

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