So lovely ladies, I know cleaning make up brushes seems like such a chore, but it is so important that we do it regularly.

We wouldn’t leave our kitchen tea towel for a month or dry ourselves with a towel that hasn’t seen the washing machine in weeks. So why everyday do we pick up that stained foundation brush that hardly glides across the face and apply our foundation with it? Did you know it has mounds of bacteria on it?


In this post I am going to give you a few more facts about bacteria in brushes just in case the above didn’t worry you enough. I will also show you how I clean my brushes, it doesn’t have to be difficult or long winded and your skin will love you for it.

So a recent study stated that cosmetic researchers took a make up brush that was covered in a months worth of makeup, put it under a microscope and the levels of bacteria were so high they couldn’t actually measure it. This to me was shocking! Below are some other points to consider if you still don’t have the urge to keep your brushes clean.

1. Your pores can get clogged up.

2. You could get a staph infection.

3. You could get pink eye.

4. Your skin can get irritated.

5. You risk getting more wrinkles.

6. You may attract bugs.

Read more here…

So after all that you may be thinking, what is the best way to clean my brushes? I have two ways, one more thorough than the other and one which is ideal for in between clients and make up looks.

I soak my brushes and blenders once a month in warm water with a dollop of baby shampoo. This is gentle enough that it doesn’t damage the brushes and the warm water will help fight any bacteria. If you have time to leave them soaking for an hour then do for best results.

brush-cleaner Then drain the water and rinse each brush under the tap. Never pull on the bristles as this can loosen them and that is when the brush starts falling apart.
If you feel that the make up hasn’t come off the brush completely it may mean that it’s been a while since you cleaned them. Therefore, they probably need a good intense soak or some extra shampoo. Otherwise you may need to look at buying a new one.

Once you have washed and rinsed your brushes leave them to dry over night. I lay down kitchen roll and spread them spaciously across it so the kitchen roll can absorb any remaining water. Please be aware that some brushes can be stained and may not get their initial colour back, but if they feel soft and you can’t see thick make up in between the bristles you have done a good job. See image below.


So in between clients I need something effective and reliable. I obviously have more than enough brushes but in worst case scenarios I use my amazing No7 brush cleaner. It is £8 and you can find it in boots. Squirt 3 times onto an absorbent kitchen roll and  glide your brushes along, you will instantly see the make up come off at ease. If you need a little more aggression then I use my Spectrum collection scrubber.

The great thing about this brush cleaner is that your brushes dry pretty instantly. If you can’t find it then go for Superdrug’s own brush cleaner spray.

What I don’t want this post to do is to put you off using make up brushes for application, I promise you it’s the best way for the smoothest application. Instead just use a lazy Sunday afternoon to get all your brushes clean and dried ready for Monday. Love your brushes and they will love your skin right back.

With Love Connie x


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