Staying GLAM whilst on the go…

We’re all so busy these days, but being busy should not mean you should feel ugly, look drained (even if you are) or try and rock that dragged through a bush backwards look.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not realistic to wear make up everyday and have perfect hair, however there are some products that can help make it a little easier or can make that slight difference so you’re not completely unrecognisable. Here are my 10 favourite GIRL ON THE GO beauty products…

      Their mission says it all, “We believe a natural look is a perfect fit for any face. We’re all born with our own unique look, so why cover it up with tons of makeup? A touch of color here and there is enough to bring out our finenudestix-1st features, so out with the crazy big collection and in with our makeup stix for face, eyes and lips.” There clever make up stix allow you to apply a natural yet still very pretty amount of make up on the face whilst on the go or in a hurry. They come in really handy tin boxes which can fit at least 4 stix in. I ensure I have a concealer, lip and cheek pencil, highlighter and matte eye pencil with me at all times.  Read more on their website –
      I am loving these at the moment, I’ve been going to  lot more events recently and with a full time job as well as Cbeauty it’s been very hectic. I obviously have to look like I know something about make up when I turn up, but I haven’t had hours to create the perfect smokey eye. Instead I have been reaching for these pots of creamy bliss. I use my figure and blend it across the whole eye lid. My favourite shades are copper and bronze because they match all outfits and don’t need much work. I’ll add some eyeliner and lashes for the full effect.
      OK, so I know I have mentioned this one before. However this is definitely my morning saviour. I hate the feeling of dry skin and really you shouldn’t let your skin get dry, especially now temperatures are dropping. This convenient can of moisture heaven is a must have for me, even with the £4 price tag (I know, its a bit pricey). I just at wasting time rubbing cream into my skin so spraying it on is so ideal. I buy this for all my mummy friends because I can imagine it’s so easy to forget your own skin when you have so much to worry about already.
    4. NARS PURE RADIANT TINTED MOISTURISER – £29nars-tinted-moisturiser
      Not everyone wears foundation and to be honest rushing foundation application and not blending it properly looks so much worse than naked skin. I found this tinted moisturiser in the airport for holiday but now I absolutely love it for those “no make up, make up looks” or if your tanned or don’t need foundation. Some tinted moisturisers are greasy and I hate that, this I found the total opposite.
    5. BIG BEAUTIFUL EYES by Benefit Cosmetics
      I have so many eye palettes and single eye shadows but there is something about this that makes me reach for it when I haven’t got loads of time. The colours are gorgeous neutral tones and you can use the lighter colours in the day and then build it up at night. You get mini brushes and a concealer, not only that, you also get a mini manual to give you some easy steps to big beautiful eyes.
    6. MAYBELLINE DREAM LUMI CONCEALERI actually haven’t spoken about this product before but it is always in my hand bag because I feel, as long as your dark circles are covered up you can look fresh faced. I keep this handy concealer pen either in my car or in dream-lumimy bag in case I need a top up after such long working hours. It is a lot easier than applying concealer from a pot and this has a really good coverage and finish. I used to use touch eclat by YSL but this is just as good and I think lasts longer.
      Nothing makes us look healthier than a natural looking tan and that is why I really like this product. It isn’t an intense instant/wash off tan, its very natural and build-able. It smells gorgeous and comes with a buffer which is cleverly hidden in the lid. This buffer means no annoying mitt and a real, even zero tan lines finish.

hoola-zero-tanlines-hero8. NYX CREME MATTE GLOSS – £5.50 BARGAINAn absolute must have for everyone, these glosses are matte but the creaminess means no dry lips. The array of shades makes it so hard to choose what to go for but I love shade LONDON the most, this is a perfect nude lip for the day time and teams up nicely with a smokey eye at night. For £5.50 you can’t go wrong, the colour is so solid you don’t need a lip linyx-cream-matte-gloss-londonner either, ideal for a grab and go lip colour that requires no fuss and no heartbreak if you misplace it when out and about.

So, I choose this as Charlotte has packaged your bronzer and highlighter into one signature rose gold palette. This means you can top up and intensify your contour and highlight with just one product rather than a whole collection of things. It’s not a chunky palette so it would fit nicely into your bag or clutch and also has a mirror inside. The bronze is lovely and golden as well as the highlighter and you can get 2 different shades to match your skin tone. If you love to glow and your always on the go then I would definitely recommend this beauty.

10. BEAUTY BLENDER SPONGE – Real Techniques 
These egg shaped sponges are such a good idea. This is another thing  I always keep on me even if I have no make up to apply with it I use it to blend existing make up as I often get patchy. Keep one of these in your bag and you wont have to worry about patchy make up through out the day or reapplying make up, just dab dab dab, blend blend blend.

So that’s my top 10 GIRL ON THE GO STAY GLAM beauty products and tips. I hope it has been useful and if you already have some of these products then you may just use them more conveniently now then you did before!
I’d love to hear all about your favourite girl on the go products, comment below with anything your recommend I try.

With Love,

Connie x

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