I wanted to share with you one of my most favourite days ever! On the 15th August I got to be a Bene-babe. As I am sure you can imagine, when Benefit Cosmetics asked myself and Bradley (my brother) to take part in the launch of their new FIRM IT UP eye serum I was shocked! Well, I wasn’t shocked that they asked Bradley as girls love him and he really can firm it up, but to ask little old me was AMAZING! image


Whilst at university I worked for Benefit Cosmetics as a BA (beauty assistant), before then I didn’t know anything about make up. Probably like most girls, I only knew what my mum taught me which was “good quality but minimal”, not bad advice to be fair. Nevertheless, Benefit Cosmetics pretty much taught me everything I needed to know to kick start this new love affair I found with make up. On my first day my manager said “sit down at the brow bar Connie, you need a tint and shape”, my stomach dropped, I was never allowed to touch my brows, according to my mum they were perfect the way they were. Note to self: don’t believe everything your mum says. 5 minutes later I looked in the mirror and I had the BEST brow arch ever and my face shape changed for the better. I’ve never looked back.image

So, now you probably know why I use so much Benefit Cosmetics make up. I know the products pretty well, the training is still ingrained in me and even though the very girly packaging is tongue in cheek, the products Mean business.




Now back to one of my best days ever…
Myself and Bradley got picked up by a driver (very posh) early in the morning and driven to Camden Park studios, I am pretty sure we drove past Amy Winehouse’s house as there was a tree covered in letters, candles and ribbons. The studio was a really cool converted church and as the production guys were setting up myself and Bradley tucked into some breakfast. I was first to get my make up done, I have never had my make up done before so I felt super special and pampered. The gorgeous Lauren from Benefit’s trend team was there to make me look beautiful.

Whilst this was happening and the ever so helpful runner was making sure I had everything I needed, it suddenly dawned on me that I was actually endorsing a product for one of my favourite brands. Now don’t get me wrong Bradley was obviously the star of the show but I was there in 3 out f 4 of the videos you will all be able to watch as of SEPTEMBER, so make sure you are following BENEFIT COSMETICS UK for a gentle reminder.image
I don’t want to give too much away, however we have combined fitness and beauty with lots of humour and brother, sister banter.

I CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT… I will probably be biting my nails and pinching myself silly but I would love if you could all watch the videos on Benefit Cosemtics youtube channel starting from 7th September, with a new video showing every Wednesday through out September. You’ll be notified by Benefit if you already follow them on instagram, twitter and Facebook.

FIRM IT UP…The firm it up eye serum brightens, tightens and lifts and Benefit feel so confident about it that if you don’t see or feel any improvement you can get your money back after 30 days! It is currently available online but has not launched in the shops just yet, but it won’t be long, 27th AUGUST is the official launch date.



Thank you Benefit Cosmetics for such an amazing opportunity, I can not wait to work with you again in the future.

Remember guys, if you want to achieve something you really can and when you do achieve it, the hard work is always worth it.


Cbeauty x

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