Give yourself some credit…

So a friend of mine discovered an app that can literally add the most amazing make up to your face without you actually having any make up on. So basically a no make up selfie can turn into something quite glamorous at the click of a button. For me this is crazy and slightly worrying but at the same time I can see how it can be some what tempting.


On the left is a no make up selfie of me and on the right an edited version of the same picture, using the app. All I had to do was choose a make up look I liked, I was then left with a smoother more enhanced image of myself, which to me does not look at all edited. I would never enhance my images like this, as I’m an honest beauty blogger and want to give my readers and followers the most genuine reviews and impression of me. However what rang alarm bells was the amount of people, celebrities mainly, who must use apps like these to ensure their images are 100% perfect and not necessarily 100% realistic.


Okay, so that’s no revelation, we all know magazines and billboards are edited and perfected, to the extent that for so long they have been the blame for insecurities and confidence issues amongst females. But has anyone highlighted the amount of editing and false advertising occurring on social media now?

As the new advertising platform for brands and people, social media is the perfect place to target your market audience 24/7 real time. As a result, I feel the same amount of editing is going into these social media posts as they do in magazines and billboards. Social media can reach such a large amount of people at one time, I’d say it may be even more damaging for young girls and their perception on what they think we should look like.

As a result of this, I’d say give yourself some credit. Remember that a large proportion of posts you see made by celebrities and some non celebrities are most probably edited. You are not expected to look like that and in the flesh they probably don’t look like that either. Don’t beat yourself up about not having the smoothest skin in the world because nobody does. Enhancing images to look as eye catching as possible isn’t a crime, I just don’t want people to feel disheartened by an image they wish they could look like, when it’s not real.

I don’t have Photoshop and I don’t know how to use it. I only edit my images with a filter and now and again remove a blemish. Other than that a good make up selfie requires good lighting and obviously the right make up. I’m very much about enhancing what you already have and would find it strange to see myself edited to the extent of perfection.

I often get clients sending me images of make up that is so perfect it looks like its been done by a computer and I have to say more often than not “this has been edited and therefore the finished look will not be exactly the same”.

This used to make me feel really insecure as a self taught make up artist. I felt as though I wasn’t good enough.smokey eye fake Then I actually stopped to take a closer look and realised how airbrushed the images were. I now only use real images for inspiration and watch YouTube videos for tips as it is a lot harder to edit a video than an image. A make up video more often than not gives you a more realistic idea of what the make up should and does look like.

I’ll cut the celebrities some slack, they do after all get trolled every day. They must feel massive amounts of pressure to keep up appearances and reduce the amount of abuse they get from bullies, so much so they perfect every image they have control over. However, if you find its making you feel insecure about yourself, follow influential people that aren’t so hot on the face tuning.

beautiful confidence

Please be confident and learn to love yourself. We don’t often love everything about ourselves, we’re women after all. But I think by not comparing yourself to others is the first step, as soon as I stopped comparing myself to others, the pressure was lifted and my confidence blossomed again.

Cbeauty x

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