Love your SKIN!

We all dream about having perfectly flawless skin. Achieving it however can sometimes feel impossible, nobody has perfect skin 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year and if you do then you’re lucky and very annoying!skin 1In this blog post I will show you some really convenient solutions to keeping your skin hydrated, oil at bay and some convenient body moisturising tips. Not all of these tips will require you to spend money or use products – BONUS…

Oily skin can be a nightmare, we look all shiny in pictures, it feels greasy and your make up can go really patchy. If you have oily skin like me you probably find your make up can look blotchy in no time. Here are some tips to help you control your oily skin, they work for me!

1. Stop reapplying powder or foundation through out the day or night.
Super-heavy makeup can trap the oil and make a breakout situation more likely to happen. The same goes for your mobile phone and keeping your hands on your face. So by re-applying make up over and over again, you are just trapping the oil in your pores forcing it to over produce and extract. This is another reason why I wear light to medium foundation on a daily basis rather than full coverage. I use blotting paper to remove oil from the surface of my skin as they don’t remove my make up. It is supposed to be the only way to remove oil without causing glands to re-produce more.
bobbi brown b papersnyx blotting paper

2. Invest in a good make up primer.
Most mattifying primers have ingredients that help absorb the oil and reduce shine, the first 2 primers below ideal for this are Porefessional by Benefit Cosmetics and Veil Primer by Hourglass. Personally I think all primers act as great barriers between our skin and foundation, reducing the production of oil. I’m not a massive fan of mattifying make up, I love that dewy look but I understand there is a fine line between dewy and oily so you have to be careful. Get that glow with Girl Meets Pearl or Wonder Glow primer.

3. Don’t stress
If you have oily skin hormones can bring it on, so can stress. If you find your skin is more oily than usual then don’t stress, it could be your hormones and therefore only temporary and if you are stressed have a relaxing bath with a clay mask. I use this Origins Clear Improvements Active Charcoal maskcharcoal mask

You may have dry skin that needs regular moisturising but you don’t want to moisturise to the point where you become greasy. I have some easy tips that should keep your skin hydrated, smooth and glowing without being greasy!

bobbi brown grains6333-016333_CreamyFoamCleanser

1. Gentle exfoliation once a week.
I like to exfoliate my face at least once every two weeks to ensure the top layer of dead skin is removed. This leaves it smooth and fresh and  is the ideal preparation before moisturising. I mix Rituals creamy foam cleanser with Bobbi Brown buffing grains (one pot should last a year). See above!

2. Moisturise heavily in the evening before bed and use oil free products in the morning.
By using an intensive moisturiser at night time it gives your skin more than enough time to absorb the product and treat the skin. I use Origins Night A mins which I love, but my skin isn’t necessarily dry. When my skin is dry, I use Nivea Creme or L’Oreal Extraordinary re-balancing facial oil and in the mornings I use Origins Ginzing Energy boosting moisturiser. If you haven’t got an intense moisturiser for night time then just double up on the layers.

3. Body moisturising in a hurry!
I find moisturising my body such a chore so I have found some solutions to keep it quick and convenient. Moisturising sprays are super quick and easy to use, my favourite is Vaseline spray and go. Using baby oil or bath oil in the shower or bath leaves your skin moisturised and saves time, just be careful not to slip. Also keep a mini moisturiser in your hand bag for emergency moments.

My favourite product to fight the spots and boils is without a doubt, Benefit Cosmetics BOO BOO ZAP. It clears a spot over night – it’s a must have!boo-boo-zap-hero

1. I drink 3 litres of water a day
and find infusing lemon, limes and cucumber gives my skin something a little extra. Try it!
2. At least one day a week wearing no make up. Allow your skin to breath, use this day to properly cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Your skin needs a proper break from our daily mask of make up.
3. Eat well and reduce your sugar in take. Since reducing my consumption of sugar, I have not only lost weight but my skin improved massively.

skin 2

Remember make up always looks better when your skin is in great condition. Look after your skin and it will look after you and your confidence.
With Love Connie, Cbeauty x

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