My Top 10 Tips for Make Up Shopping…

Make up shopping isn’t as enjoyable for some as it is for me, I absolutely love it (it would be worrying if I didn’t I suppose). However, I have so many friends and family asking me to take them make up shopping because they just don’t know where to start.
If you are not necessarily a make up fanatic but still want the right make up I can imagine it to be pretty difficult to choose what brand, what type and what colours to go for. In this post I will share my top 10 make up shopping tips so hopefully purchasing make up is more of dream rather than a chore…

We all have a mobile, laptop or computer and we definitely scroll on one of our fave social media apps each day. Why not do some research on make up brands and products whilst we’re at it? There are so many beauty bloggers and make up influencers out there *cough cough*, check out our pages see what products we recommend and write yourself a little list. You can even use hash tags to search more specifically for example #oilfreemakeup. Just be careful, some bloggers are paid to advertise, you want to ensure the recommendations are honest and genuine.

If you love somebody’s make up, a friend, a colleague, a stranger just ask them what they use. Not only will it help you but it will make their day! Spread the love! Me and the girls in my office are always recommending products to each other, that way you get a real honest opinion and can see the product in action. Also, direct message someone on social media, I receive messages all the time from ladies asking for advice. I am always happy to help!make up over load

I know we are all super busy these days but make up shopping in a hurry is asking for trouble, especially when you need the perfect colour match. If you can put aside an hour for make up shopping every 3-6 months then you are more likely to love what you come home with. Saying that, if you follow the previous two tips you should feel pretty prepared for the millions of make up counters anyway. Make up isn’t cheap and you wouldn’t rush to buy a new dress that doesn’t suit you right?

100% accept any help that the make up counter assistant is offering, they should be able to tell you everything about the products, including the ingredients. If they can’t then listen with a pinch of salt, some of these assistants have pushy targets to meet. I’ve been a beauty assistant before and selling customers products because of a target never worked for me, I only sold products to customers based on what I felt they needed. When you are trying on products or the assistant is trying them on you, only purchase it if you feel 100% happy about it and can see an enhancement. A product that looks amazing on one persons skin may not necessarily work the same way on your own skin.

Foundation is the base of your make up and really one of the most important products you will use on your skin. It needs to match your skin tone and needs to be good quality in my opinion. If you wear it everyday you should care about the ingredients and how it makes your skin feel. That is why I ALWAYS tell people to take home a decent sized sample before buying a whole bottle. Good quality usually means more expensive and sometimes the lighting in the shop isn’t the same as outside. Also, a foundation can sometimes feel great at first and then by the end of the day you are patchy, oily or dry.
Most decent make up brands will be happy to offer you a sample with the confidence that you will come back. charlotte tilbsBrands I know that offer samples are, Charlotte Tilbury, Benefit Cosmetics, Hourglass Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown and Clinique. Foundations I would recommend that are oil free, medium coverage and good quality are Clinique super balanced foundation, NARS illuminating foundation, NYX HD foundation and Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation.

As I previously said good quality make up can sometimes be a little pricey and even the quality “drug store” brands like L’Oreal, NYX cosmetics, No7 and Real Techniques can set us back £10 for one product. So I always save up my loyalty card points for my make up shopping. Boots is my favourite store because of the variety that some of the larger stores have, they sometimes even have the real luxury brands and there is nothing more satisfactory then purchasing a Clinique foundation or Origins face cream with points – it’s basically free! Get collecting points!

A cost effective way to try out new products is subscribing to Birchbox or Glossybox. I have a subscription for both and I love receiving them in the post every month. It costs me £25 a month for BOTH boxes and I get a box worth at least £25 from each brand; that’s at least £50 worth of product for half the price. You receive something different every month and most of the time they are full size, if I don’t particularly suit a product I offer it to my mum or a friend. I couldn’t tell you which I prefer so check them out for yourself – and I will be doing a comparison blog in August so if you follow my blog posts I’ll be able to give you my opinion on next months boxes!

glossy box

Going shopping with a girlfriend is always nice, grab some lunch and have a gossip at the same time! If you bring a friend you trust then you feel better about what you are buying. If the colour isn’t right or the style isn’t very you then you can count on a good honest and patient friend to save the day. Some make up brands, naming no names have been known to transform people into something they don’t feel comfortable with. One of my clients said her husband walked straight past her after her make over! A lot of the time we feel too shy or embarrassed to say we aren’t happy, so bringing someone with you who is happy to say yes or no will make things a lot easier.

If you are unsure on what eyes shadows, blushers and lipsticks suit you and always end up buying something far too safe, the same thing all the time or something completely ridiculous then Google celebrities that have the same skin tone and colouring as you. I do it all the time. Remember celebrities have THE BEST make up artists out there who know what’s suits every complexion. If you like the look then save it to your phone and take it to your favourite brand, the make up assistant there should help you match the look as best as possible.

If you follow my tips you shouldn’t go too wrong with the make up you buy. Nevertheless, I know there is someone reading this who ALWAYS thinks they’ve got it wrong, buys the make up and then never wears it. If this is the case, ask that friend you trust or ask me! I’m pretty sure you’ve got it right, believe in yourself and your choices and rock it.

You will enjoy long romantic walks down the Make Up AisleWith Love,
Connie Simmonds
Cbeauty x

One thought on “My Top 10 Tips for Make Up Shopping…

  1. Kat says:

    This is such good reading Connie. I love your blogs and Instagram! ! Keep it up. I actually laughed out loud at the husband walking past made over lady scenario! xx

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