Nude is the new red…

Imagine 15,000 women marching down Oxford Street wearing ruby red lipstick…

Even now that would be a successful PR stunt covered by the news and all of our social media apps, and this is exactly what Elizabeth Arden did. She led 15,000 fellow suffragettes down 5th Avenue wearing her signature red lipstick, to make a stand and to show strength amongst women. This simple story really inspired me to write this blog…

I am no bra burner or hard-core feminist but I am definitely a strong minded female who most probably would have been one of Elizabeth’s counter parts 100 years ago, I also love to use make up as a tool to promote self confidence and strength.
Before you switch off because I am talking history and you’re too cool to care, give Elizabeth Arden some credit; it isn’t all about history either.
What I didn’t know and what I assume many other girls don’t know, is that Elizabeth Arden opened her first spa on 5th Avenue in 1910. Back then a female entrepreneur was almost unheard of let alone a female entrepreneur with a salon.

She supplied make up and cosmetics to all women who served in the military and believed beauty was beyond your appearance, “to achieve beauty a woman must first achieve health”. Now this is a true role model and someone I now look up to as one of my role models. (To read more on my view of Role models, read my first blog Don’t Keep Up with the Kardashian’s).

I only knew about Elizabeth Arden because growing up my mum always used the Flawless sponge-on cream foundation.
image I so clearly remember the soft baby powder smell and my mum looking ever so glamorous to me when she applied it. I just never thought to use Elizabeth Arden myself, I stupidly put it in the “old granny” category.

Left is my beautiful mum rocking her favourite  baby pink lips, flawless skin and contour. Well, the contour was a good enough attempt considering she probably didn’t have much of a brush collection.
Despite my ignorance, I knew there was something special about Elizabeth Arden.

Therefore, as you can imagine, when Elizabeth Arden approached me to take part in their latest event “Look Good Feel Better” I jumped at the chance. LGFB raise money for women with cancer, so that they can learn how to apply their make up during and after treatment.

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I am so glad I took part in such a great cause. A massive bonus was being re-introduced to Elizabeth Arden’s amazing product ranges and their empowering brand. I now use several of their products and will continue to do so.


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Sunset bronze prismatic bronzing powder, this is a gorgeous glowy bronzer with just the right amount of shimmer in it (hardly any). The iconic 8 hour cream but in a handy lip balm form, which I use on my lips and any dry patches on my face over night or on holiday. My mums flawless sponge on creamy foundation which I now keep in my handbag as it is the most convenient make up for topping up. Lastly, pale petal and nude beautiful colour moisturising lipstick, I don’t think these colours are available anymore (cry) so click here for the full range.

With Elizabeth Arden being a historic female icon and business woman I wanted to share the person who I feel portrays a similar message in today’s society.

“The secret to beauty is simple: be who you are.”- BOBBI BROWN

Someone else who believes beauty is beyond the surface is Bobbi Brown. A current, modern day confidence boosting legend in my eyes. My make up style is often inspired by her and I am proud to say I would head to the Bobbi Brown make up stand over others.
The story behind a make up brand makes me love and enjoy the make up so much more. Her latest campaign BE WHO YOU ARE is my favourite!

Bobbi Brown wants women to look naturally beautiful, using make up to enhance what they already have, something I preach everyday.


image“When I was a teenager I aspired to be tall, thin and blonde like the popular models of the time. It was only when I saw the movie ‘Love Story’ and the actress Ali McGraw with her dark hair and barely visible makeup that I felt pretty. That’s how my makeup style was born,” says Bobbi.
Bobbi Brown hated the make up style of the 80’s, intense contouring and wacky red lips. She didn’t think it looked beautiful nor flattering and began her quest to develop a range of nude lipsticks. On the launch day Bobbi sold 100 lipsticks, she thought it would take a month to achieve this figure, from that day her cosmetics empire was born.
This story is real evidence that standing for what you believe in, being who you are and enhancing your natural beauty can be just as powerful as Elizabeth Arden’s statement red lip.

My favourite Bobbi Brown’s

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: TOP ROW: Eye opening mascara, the best mascara I have ever used. Shimmer bricks in rose and bronze, the perfect highlighter. Skin smoothing pore perfector, an amazing cream/primer that makes your skin look and feel smooth with the appearance of pores gone (it also smells like a spa). BOTTOM ROW: Shimmering sands eye pallete, lovely shimmery natural pinks and browns. The next two are some of my favourite eye shadows: burnt sugar, heather mauve, baby peach and rich brown, silver moon, beige, velvet plum and champagne Quartz.


BE FABULOUS LIKE VERONICA (she is going to kill me)

I hope this post has inspired you to feel confident in your own skin as I do mine. Well, not everyday but we’re only human. I hope the stories of these inspirational women has given you a bigger appreciation towards their brands.

Remember and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, make up is more than contour and pouting, make up is powerful.

Connie Simmonds

Cbeauty x


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