Don’t Keep Up with the Kardashians…

I figured why waste my first blog blabbering on about myself when there is a perfectly detailed About Me page. Instead I’ve decided to start with something a little more exciting and maybe little controversial too…

The Kardashians are probably mentioned, searched or shoved in your face every single day – no exaggeration. You can’t read any form of news without their peachy derrieres in your face. I say good for them! They’ve completely mastered the art of PR, merchandising, brand endorsement and anything else that makes money. It’s amazing how they turned Kim’s initial rise to fame *sex tape* into a million dollar family empire.

kim k 3

Or is it?

There seems to be a massive “trend”, whereby celebrities or reality stars are being disgraced on TV or disgracing themselves, and then end up as some sort of role model with make up and clothing ranges. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for making the most out of a bad situation, but I do worry about how this new culture is going to effect my younger cousins and pretty much girls everywhere.

Essentially, what I wanted to achieve by writing this post was to stress that girls should not be mesmerised and  star struck by someone just because their make up is flawless, body is incredible and fashion is on fleek.

With social media allowing us to follow each other’s lives so closely it is easy to get caught up – I must admit I even bought some Kylie Cosmetics lip glosses.

kyliie gloss 2

However, I don’t like the idea of girls feeling pressured to look a certain way, dress a certain way, or even act it! I remember one bank holiday in London recently, walking around and seeing loads of 15-16 year old girls in crop tops with push up bras and tiny shorts with a face full of make up. This to me isn’t right and really struck a cord. It is important that you dress for your figure and age, wear make up that simply enhances your features – don’t contour yourself to the point where you’re unrecognisable. Be proud to be you!
I’m not telling anyone not to have fun, I promise I’m no Saint, I’m just thinking about 15 year old girls attracting the wrong people, these young girls who could be so naive.

If you are in the lime light and if you are one of these brands, think about the responsibilty you have to these girls. Let’s not nurture a generation of insecure, body conscious females who grow up before their time.

Don’t get me wrong, we all use these stunners for inspiration, they have teams of make up artists, stylists and personal trainers so why not? However don’t aspire to be them. Don’t aspire to be someone else, especially when you’re only aspiring to be someone at face value. Before you class someone as your role model, think about how they got to where they are. Ask yourself are you feeding this culture of undeserving celebrity icons?

grace kelly

Connie Simmonds

Cbeauty x

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